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Dear Friend,
As the holidays approach us, we ask that you remember Moline Public Schools Foundation in your holiday plans.  The holidays are a reminder of the joys and blessings in our lives.  Please consider setting aside a gift to Moline Public Schools Foundation to support our work that ensures excellence in education for our students in Moline/Coal Valley School District with a tax deductible charitable donation. 

Moline Public Schools Foundation provides between $25,000-$30,000 annually to educators to fund projects that are not funded or under-funded.  The grants have a powerful impact on the quality of education we provide.  We rely on YOU  and your gift is making a difference in our students, schools and community.  EVERY GIFT MATTERS. 

Happy Holidays,
Jayne O'Brien
Executive Director

As we welcome students Back to School, I would like to take a moment to remind folks about the Moline Public Schools Foundation.  Our partnership with the Moline-Coal Valley School District ensures that our efforts are aligned with District goals and maximizes resources.  As a result, our students receive excellent educational opportunities that lead them to be successful in life, playing a significant role in developing our future workforce and ultimately making a positive impact on our community.

Moline Public Schools Foundation (MPSF) is a non -profit entity established in 1988 with a mission:

To augment limited resources to allow the district's students to achieve full potential by:

  • Improving and strengthening school programs
  • Providing enriched learning experiences
  • Promoting a climate of support, involvement and interaction among the community, schools and businesses
  • Supporting worthwhile projects not usually funded or inadequately funded

Moline Public Schools Foundation has an endowment and hosts fundraising events throughout the year to support their cause.  MPSF uses fundraising dollars to give back to teachers to support the needs in their classroom for projects that are not funded or underfunded.  We have also contributed to other district initiatives such as Physics First and professional development.

The Moline Public Schools Foundation would like to express our appreciation to our donors for their commitment and ongoing support of the Moline-Coal Valley School District and its community.  We have recently received class sponsored gifts and would like to thank the following classes for their generous gifts:  MHS Class of ’81 and MHS Class of ’48 (In Memory of Roger Nordstrom).  Furthermore MHS Class of ’66 is launching $50 for 50 years and has already raised a significant amount-stay tuned for final numbers!

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